Every bottle saves Rainforest

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Cuipo Water

Cuipo Water is a beverage brand dedicated to preserving prime rainforest around the globe, one bottle at a time. Through the sales of our 100% RPET water bottles filled with refreshing purified water we raise awareness about the rainforest and deforestation. We strive to make rainforest preservation fun, effective and easy.


Locally sourced water

Local water, sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Colorado River, is forced at high pressures through several sediment filters and membranes to trap particles.

100% Recycled bottles

Cuipo Water uses earth friendly Regenerate™ 100% RPET water bottles. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, these bottles have a 65% smaller carbon footprint than virgin PET.

Why the Rainforest?

The importance of rainforest can’t be overstated. They cool the planet, sequester greenhouse gases and purify air, soil, and water. They nourish biodiversity and shield wildlife.



How it works?

Every square meter saved through the purchase and redemption of a Cuipo product is donated to One Meter at a Time, our 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to preservation of the tropical rainforest

Purchase and redeem

The consumer purchases a Cuipo Water bottle and received their unique redemption code.

Saved forever

Upon redemption on our website, one square meter of rainforest is saved in their name forever.

Why carry Cuipo Water?

Cuipo Water is the only premium bottled water company to boast an array of attributes in the areas of sustainability, charity and economics. Our mission is to provide high quality, delicious water to people throughout the world with as little impact as possible.


Cuipo has achieved a sustainable packaging solution that does not require the renewed consumption of any fossil fuels.


Every second, one football field of rainforest is destroyed. Cuipo’s mission is to buy, protect and preserve prime rainforest around the world.


If given the choice, the majority of consumers would rather support a cause driven brand than a brand without a cause behind it. By selling Cuipo Water, you give consumers the chance to make the world a better place and make money in the process.


By adopting Cuipo Water as your water of choice your outlet instantly becomes an ambassador in Rainforest and climate change protection, empowering your company to help make the world a better place for future generations.






Cuipo Water
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